Weight Loss in 2016 – Lose the Scale: Part 1

quote-you-dont-need_655669-0It’s the middle of January already.  It seems just yesterday we were making our resolutions list.  Eager and excited to see them through.  How many New Years has weight loss been a resolution for you?  I’m going to guess many… or every.  I’m betting at least top 5 if not top 3.

I’m also betting if it’s still a resolution this year you haven’t had the success you desire. I’m truly sorry about that. I know very well how difficult the weight loss roller coaster can be.  Not to mention emotional.

So I was thinking maybe this year we can change it up a little…do something a little different, try something new. Why not, other methods haven’t worked so why not give it a try.

Toss the scale.

“What?!!?  How will I know if I’ve lost weight?”

“How will I know if my diet is working?”

“How will I stay on track with my eating if I don’t have the scale?”

You will know.  You will feel it.  Let the number go.

This past November marked two years since I’ve stopped weighing myself and it’s been the best two years.  The freedom I have felt is indescribable. I decided I don’t need a hunk of metal to tell me how to feel about myself. And neither do you.

We are so many things besides a number on a scale yet we allow it the power to make or ruin our day – before it’s even started. Lets take our power back.  Lets lose the scale and find out who we are without it.

This is a first in a mini series. In my mind it’s a movement. But one step at a time.

What do you think?  Are you consistent weigher? I’d love you to “weigh in” (see what I did there? Sorry… I couldn’t resist)