Living Scale Free – part 2

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Lately I’ve put on a few pounds. That’s just the long and short of it.

Maybe it’s happy weight but maybe it’s more than that.  I’m working on it and as we know it’s not easy. Nothing about weight loss is easy, at least for me.

But here’s the thing, this time I’d like to lose the extra weight without the scale. It’s been over 18 months since I’ve weighed myself (not including my last physical but that was the doctor weighing me) and I’ve never felt happier and more free.

The scale has never been my friend, regardless of the number on it.  If the number was too high it would ruin my whole day and sometimes week. If it was low it felt like permission to eat…it was a cycle I was caught in for years.  Too many years.

Finally one day I just refused to step on it.  I decided I didn’t need a hunk of metal to tell me how to feel about myself.  We know the truth, we know if we are up or down. We can tell by how we feel, how our clothes fit. The number is really irrelevant when we are in tune with our bodies.

So, this time I plan to measure my progress by measuring it – literally.  With a tape measure.  And with the jeans I’d like to get back into!

What do you think of living scale free? I’d love to hear your thoughts.




Forming Habits

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top-inspirational-quote_711674-2Forming habits is something I’ve been reading about quite a bit lately.  It is the foundation and basis of all we do, who are and who we can become.

Habits work in two ways – breaking the ones we want to move away from and/or adding new ones we wish to establish.  Both are challenging in their own way.  Both are equally worthwhile when they are meaningful.

The premise is it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.  After 21 days it’s yours.  You own it.  It’s a part of you.

The habit I’m currently working on is to not eat after 7 pm. Why is this important to me?  First, when I eat late it affects my sleep.  I’m an early bird so this can really set my day back.

Second, I’d like to have a little more control over my eating and establishing a cut off will help with that.

Are there any habits you’ve been considering forming? Is there a habit you’d like to break?  Maybe we can keep each other updated!


Weight Loss in 2016 – Lose the Scale: Part 1

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quote-you-dont-need_655669-0It’s the middle of January already.  It seems just yesterday we were making our resolutions list.  Eager and excited to see them through.  How many New Years has weight loss been a resolution for you?  I’m going to guess many… or every.  I’m betting at least top 5 if not top 3.

I’m also betting if it’s still a resolution this year you haven’t had the success you desire. I’m truly sorry about that. I know very well how difficult the weight loss roller coaster can be.  Not to mention emotional.

So I was thinking maybe this year we can change it up a little…do something a little different, try something new. Why not, other methods haven’t worked so why not give it a try.

Toss the scale.

“What?!!?  How will I know if I’ve lost weight?”

“How will I know if my diet is working?”

“How will I stay on track with my eating if I don’t have the scale?”

You will know.  You will feel it.  Let the number go.

This past November marked two years since I’ve stopped weighing myself and it’s been the best two years.  The freedom I have felt is indescribable. I decided I don’t need a hunk of metal to tell me how to feel about myself. And neither do you.

We are so many things besides a number on a scale yet we allow it the power to make or ruin our day – before it’s even started. Lets take our power back.  Lets lose the scale and find out who we are without it.

This is a first in a mini series. In my mind it’s a movement. But one step at a time.

What do you think?  Are you consistent weigher? I’d love you to “weigh in” (see what I did there? Sorry… I couldn’t resist)


3 ways to take a healthier turn

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Since I began my Nutrition course there are times when I read something and feel like my eyes are opening for the first time.  Things about food and nutrition that I thought I knew but not to the extent I know now.

Here are 3 things you can do right now to make your next turn a little healthier.

1.   Select foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  This means it comes from the Earth.  If it comes in a box or made in a factory it’s not real food.  Do this as much as possible each time you eat.



2.  Get rid of the ‘diet’ mentality.  Do not go on a diet, change your diet to suit your goals.   The minute your brain senses there are foods that are off limits that’s all it wants.  It tries to find ways to have them.  Instead, focus on adding foods that are whole to your menu.

3.  Put down the phone and go outside.  You know that expression ‘stop and smell the roses’, it’s more true today than ever.  Most people are attached to a phone or computer (or both) for the better part of the day.  Put it down and go outside.  Go for a walk and just enjoy being free.  Disconnect.

And remember, little changes done consistently go a lot further than big changes done short term.

That’s it for now.  Hope it’s a great one.



Peanut butter and oats granola bars – no baking!

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PeanutButterOatsGranolaToday’s creation: Peanut butter and oats granola bars.

Instead of buying I thought I’d make them myself.

They turned out pretty well, the only problem is that I keep going back to the fridge for more.

The benefit of making your own is you decide what you put in them. There are endless combinations and ingredients.

This is what I used:

1/2 cup raw honey

1/2 cup all natural peanut butter

2 cups rolled oats (not the instant kind)

1/3 cup sultana raisins

1/3 cup pumpkin seeds

12-15 pre-soaked almonds cut into pieces

2 tbsp flax seeds

1 tsp unsweetened cocoa

1/2 tsp cinnamon

Servings: 8 bars


In a pan melt the honey and peanut butter on medium heat until its smooth.  Set aside.

Mix all other ingredients together in a bowl.

Pour in the honey and peanut butter mixture with the dry ingredients and mix
until everything is blended together.

Place tin foil or parchment paper in a pan and put mixture in the pan.

Press down until it’s in the plan flat and even.

Put in the fridge for at least 2 hours.  I left mine over night.

Once it’s solidified take the paper out of the pan and slice with a sharp knife.

Done and enjoy!

Nutritional info (per bar):

Calories: 292
Fat: 11.3g
Carbs: 39.7g
Protein 8.7g

To increase the protein I’ll add some protein powder next time.


I’ve been falling in love…with myself

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MyselfWhen I took a blogging break in April I didn’t think it would be a 5 month break, but it turned out to be just that.  It was time I gave myself to just be – no pressure, no demands, no lists – just me.

Have you ever done that?

Have you taken time to be who you want to be or maybe figure out who you are.  No demands on yourself, no task lists, no “I should” or “I have to”… it’s quite a thing.

Five months is what it took for me to begin discovering and accepting the following:

Before we can ever ask or desire anyone to love us, we have to love ourselves.  Truly, deeply, passionately love ourselves.

There is no shame in loving ourselves.  In fact, it should be a priority.

Life is full of ups, downs, valleys, peaks, grooves, ditches, side turns, sharp turns and sometimes u-turns.  Accept them.  It’s all good.  It’s how we know we’re alive.  Be patient, everything eventually passes and you get to come out of it stronger and wiser.  What is better than that.

Our lives don’t have to look like other peoples and they don’t have to look like what other people think they should look like.  But they do have to be ours and we have to embrace them completely.

So, that’s it.  The end and the beginning.

Until next time.

-Ilana xo

Blogging Break

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It’s that time again.  I absolutely love blogging.  However I know that when it begins to feel like a chore or like work – it’s time for a break.  Time to rest and recharge, take a step back and consider what is next.

For those of you who follow and read my posts I want to thank you.  I hope you have a wonderful break.

-xo Ilana

Yogalosophy and turning 40…yikes!

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In 15 days I will be turning 40.  40!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I’m really ok with it.  I’ve chosen to embrace it, love it and make of it as I please.  Kind of exciting actually…

I can say with most certainty that my 30’s were devoted to changing and fixing my body in one way or another.  Fad diets, weight fluctuations, vigorous workouts, starving, over eating, gaining baby weight (twice), losing baby weight (twice) – my 30’s also brought me my children – when I think about it my body has been through a lot.  Too much.  I think it’s enough.

If I let my 40’s become a repeat of my 30’s then what has changed really?  How have I grown?  How have I learned?  It’s time for change.  And as I’m learning more every day true change has to start from within.  From the mind.  Then the body will fall into place.

I’ve struggled with this trying to make it the opposite:  I thought if I could just get my body right and perfect then I’ll be happy.  Not the case.  It doesn’t work that way.  The mind has to go first.  And that takes work.  And time.

I’ve had the book Yogalosophy by Mandy Inger for at least 6 months and have now started to read it.  The time feels right.  Mandy is the author of this book as well as celebrity yoga and fitness instructor to Jennifer Aniston and other celebrities.  I think that’s how I came across the book.  I don’t usually fall for hype but this one seemed really interesting and I was ready for a change.

Day 1: Set the Intention
Name It to Claim It

It’s a 28 day plan which targets the body and mind through a set of exercises (yoga, toning, breathing and mind exercises) to be done each day.

Mandy discusses her own journey and overcoming her struggles and how she came through it.  She shares her thought processes and the thinking that led to her success – like setting a clear intention for each day and even each workout.  Be clear on what you are asking for.  That’s work for the mind.  It forces you to focus on what you really want from your workout, your body, your day and your life.  You cannot get what you want if you don’t set the intention and ask for it.

I’m not a huge fan or believe in ‘The Secret’ stuff but I do believe in cause and effect.  I believe that your thoughts become your beliefs and ultimately what you believe is what you will create.  This will be the focus of my efforts starting now.  Changing my thoughts to change my beliefs.

For more information about the book you can go here.

I’ve only started but I’m excited about this 28 day journey.  It’s time to put my mind first and work on myself from the inside out.  That’s my intention for this next decade.  Learning to love myself from the inside out.  To work on my mind as much as my body.  They are both equally important.

I will share more of this book as I work my way through it.  Another chapter begins as well as another decade.  Thanks for reading as always.

-xo Ilana